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What if instead of wearing the skulls of their dead parents, the Cubone line wore the skulls of the most formidable enemies they’ve killed in combat? It’d make for some pretty cool looking Marowaks, that’s for sure.

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Pokémon - Gyarados by Smallfry Creations

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Mew Trading Cards

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shirts by CoDDesign on sale, $10 today only (reg. $20)!

Fire Type - Water Type

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Tried Drawing the first 151 Pokemon without looking at any reference. Was a lot harder than I thought!

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a wild ivysaur appeared!
my ivysaur planter is finally finished. he’s a little lumpy and doesn’t photograph well but i’m happy with how he turned out c:

this sculptor deserves notes!

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Squirtle & Pikachu tattoo by Kevin Furness.

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